Advanced Payment Solutions by Wise-Pay

Wise-Pay delivers enhanced payment integration to ConnectWise and Quosal like never before. Streamlining the management, collection and reconciliation of Credit Card and Bank Account payments. With direct integration to both ConnectWise and Quosal, Wise-Pay seamlessly links your MSP to payment services of industry giants including Stripe, BrainTree, IntegraPay and Authorize.Net to cloud accounting platforms Xero and QuickBooks Online (QBO). Wise-Pay makes light work of accepting, managing and simplifying the challenges of accepting card payments. By successfully capturing many more opportunities to accept online payment than any other platform - Wise-Pay reduces your administrative burden of processing online payments by up to 95%.

The Why behind Wise-Pay


Payment Processing Features

  • Automated Payment Scheduling - Flexibility in managing scheduled payments, by automatically scheduling payments based on invoice terms for customer with standing debit agreements.
  • Pass on the Credit Card Processing Surcharge - Easily manage to charge a service fees for online transactions.
  • Wise-Pay Terminal - Accept instant payments directly inside of ConnectWise
  • Automatically Create Pre-Payment Transactions - Wise-Pay automatically creates pre-payment transactions in your accounting system.
  • Multiple Merchant - Process payment using preferred merchant by payment Type (Credit Card and Bank Account)

Direct Payment Integration

  • ConnectWise Customer Portal - Directly integrated to the CW Customer Portal [Pay Now] button
  • Quosal Order Porter - Accept pre-payments on your quotes directly through direct integration to Order Porter
  • Direct Email Links - Easily add a secure [Pay Now] button to your Email Templates in ConnectWise.
  • Xero Payment Services - Accept payments directly through Xero Payment Services.
  • Wise-Pay Customer Portal - Includes secure customer portal to with user (self) management of credit card and bank accounts.
  • Desk Director Customer Invoice Link - Desk Director Integration for single click access to Wise-Pay.

Supported Payment Providers

  • Authorize.Net - Expanded integration to Authorize.Net, allows simpler management of Payments through Authorize.Net integration.
  • Braintree - Braintree payments offer flexible payment options including the usual card types, as well as ApplePay, GoogleWallet and BitCoin
  • Stripe - Stripe offers a flexible solution for partners with easy sign up and cost effective transaction charges.
  • IntegraPay - Offer payment processing solutions for both credit card and direct bank transactions - ACH/DDR in AU, NZ and US.
  • PayMill (Coming Q3 2016) - PayMill offer direct bank transactions for UK based partners.