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Six ways to increase the value of your growing MSP...

Whether you're selling cloud, hardware or services, each contributes to the value of your business in different ways. Understanding what levers to pull could increase your business valuation exponentially.

We cover the most practical ways to positively drive your MSP valuation.

In this eBook, we cover must-know topics for any Managed Service Provider (MSP), where you'll be able to extract some key tips to implement within your own MSP. Whether you're working toward a worry-free retirement, or to IPO and net a staggering sum of $100 million, then it's best to start with these simple yet practical concepts.

Staff, Processes & Systems
Recurring Revenue Vs Service Revenue
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Financial Management
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Cash Flow & Stability
Finally, Your EBITDA

About the Author

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Paul MacNeill
Founder & CEO, Wise-Sync

Paul MacNeill is the owner of Virage IT, a Managed Service Provider based in Melbourne, Australia. As founder and technical visionary behind Wise-Sync Cloud Accounting Integration - the #1 rated accounting integration on the ConnectWise Marketplace, Paul has earned credibility as the go-to ConnectWise billing expert.

Often called upon to work with larger, complex financial structures - Paul strives to help partners of all sizes gain greater insights into the financial operations of their businesses. Having provided strategic consultancy services, including design and development of key business systems (globally) for CPA Australia, Paul takes this passion into helping Managed Service businesses achieve greater profitability.